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George Colson
President / Owner

As president and founder of R Walls, Inc. George Colson has become a leader in the retaining wall industry. He started in construction business framing homes. Later he founded his own company Colson Construction and by 1996 started R Walls, Inc. specializing in the retaining walls. George brings many years of experience with him. Over the years he has built ongoing relationships with Atlanta’s premier home builders along with multi-family management and commercial companies.

Tom Zullo
Project Manager

Tom Zullo, a veteran retaining wall builder, has been a great addition to an already strong team. His situational awareness and ability to overcome obstacles makes him a valuable asset to the R Walls family. Working with Tom is easy and lighthearted even in tough situations you will be put at ease with his apparent mastery of trade and experience. Tom has been in the retaining wall industry for 17 years.

Chris Robbins “JR”
Project Manager

Chris Robbins, has proved to be an invaluable asset to the R Walls Team. Chris is responsible for many projects which includes retaining walls, paver patios, decorative concrete and drainage solutions. He has shown his strong desire to surpass expectations by facing down and all challenges before him. His attitude is encompasses in one of his more common phrases, “that will work.” The true meaning of which can be recognized as: it’s not easy but I’ll make it work. Chris has 15 years experience in the construction industry.

All of our R Wall employees have over 50 years of experience in the industry and are CMA certified.




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